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Time to #GetRabid!

We are an event planning business. We believe non-profits should't have to be. We throw fun events by teaming with local restaurants and bars to get you awesome discounts & deals at no cost to the non-profit. We give 100% of venue contributions to the causes we support along with 25% percent of our revenue. We also spread the news and help to educate party-goers about each cause.  

 Fairfax Boxing Club: A local non-profit providing mentorship

Fairfax Boxing Club: A local non-profit providing mentorship

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McRabid is our fancy raccoon mascot who is always on the loose. we need your help to find him! if you get a photo with McRabid at each of the Participating locations for any event, and post them with the hashtag #FoundMcRabid you get into our next event for free! 


Rabid Events
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